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Having worked in and with the industry for several years, we know what Ghost Kitchen, Dark Kitchens, and Cloud Kitchens require on a daily basis. See for yourself.

White Label Apps

With munchlabs you get your own Apps with your branding and corporate identity.

Daily Reporting

Keep an eye on your daily operations without having to go through paper sheets.

100% Cloud

We are a cloud-first company, and all of our services and products run solely online.

Customer Support 24/7

Our team is available all day around. Make sure to pick the right license to get your required support level.

Automatic Import

Easy transition from other systems into munchlabs. No need to worry about existing data with simple import.

Customer Success

We want to see you succeed and therefore offer help of one of our Success Managers.

Inventory Management

Get reminders about products that are expiring soon to keep consistent stock levels during a busy period.

Expense Management

Check your expenses, shopping trips and deliveries from various providers to reduce budget exceeding.

Product Management

Create and assemble new dishes, and put them together into a functioning menu a season in advance.

Display Management

Automate your kitchen processes by digitalizing your work stations. Limit room for errors of your staff.

Delivery Management

Get updates regarding deliveries, drop off points as well as verification images and signatures from your clients.

Real-time Tracking

Want to inform your clients when the deliver will be there exactly? Make use of our real-time tracking.

Order Management

Through your own app, web app, and other platforms you get to collect orders and merge them all into one admin panel.

Kitchen Management

Allocate ressources, create shift plans, and make sure your kitchen runs efficiently by implementing a digital kitchen management.

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We love feedback and are happy to hear your feature requests and suggestions. 

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To become a one-stop-shop for digital kitchens, our development team releases 6+ features every quarter.

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Companies using our service are currently serving 42+ companies on a daily basis

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We are digitizing your processes to move away from pen and paper. Our services are 100% online


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Our kitchen process was upgraded - now we can serve 250+ dishes/day without any problem on delivery.


    Green Kitchen

    Thanks to the easy ordering process our canteen is finally being frequented to its potential.


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