How to make your canteen/restaurant more profitable – guidelines on Ghost Kitchen Software


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Definition of Ghost Kitchen Software and why use it in your canteen?

Ghost kitchens have been flooding the market for the past decade. This new approach is revolutionizing the food delivery industry and offers kitchens to create virtual brands/restaurants and cloud canteens that offer delivery-only services without having a real restaurant location with classic sit-down service.

This new trend of digital restaurants helps companies serve new customers in further away areas, subsequently increasing profits. Those restaurants need ghost kitchen software that optimizes their processes in a digital manner, which allows them to manage customer orders, improve delivery routes, track stock levels in real-time, and gather feedback for your dishes to continue to improve.  

Ghost kitchen software helps reduce overheads and provides high levels of customer service. For many restaurants out there it has become (especially during the times of covid pandemic) a crucial tool to make revenues in an ever-changing market. 

How can Ghost Kitchen Software help streamline your food delivery services?

Moving away from the typical restaurant business which is heavily based on physical presence, ghost kitchen software helps create an online presence. It offers a simple and easy way to build a website and offers customers an interface to make real-time orders in your restaurant. 

Once an order has been placed it unifies orders from all various platforms such as deliveroo, delivery hero, lieferando, gorillas, flink and your own platform in one order management screen. This simplifies production and reduces potential errors from using pen and paper, or separate software from each service provider. It further minimizes costs by tracking deliveries, offering improved customer service, and minimizing refunds based on that. 

Try ghost kitchen software for yourself and see how it can help your restaurant business.

What are the benefits of implementing Ghost Kitchen Software in your company?

  • Simplified ordering across different platforms
  • Unified order management screen not to miss any orders placed
  • Recipe creation management and tracking
  • Screen display management for simplified production in the kitchen
  • Real-time updates from your delivery team regarding status
  • Analysis and automatic reports

You are basically getting end-to-end process tracking, which helps optimize all your restaurant and delivery processes. 

What is a Must-Have Feature of Ghost Kitchen Software?

  • App for customer ordering on iOS and Android
  • Order management
  • Kitchen management
  • Packaging tracking
  • Delivery Tracking 

For reference, here are the best 4 Ghost Kitchen Softwares in the Market

Your own app in your designYesNoNoNo
Software tailored to your use caseYesNoNoNo
24/7 SupportYesNoYesNo
Initial setup feeYesNoNoNo
High monthly costsYesYesYesYes