Pricing Plans

Our Pricing

Choose The Right Plan For You

Whether you are a startup founder or already have locations set up, we offer the right plan for you!


+ €9.900 Setup Fee


For Startups and new Ghost Kitchen businesses


+ €19.900 Setup Fee


For growing business that are expanding


+ €35.000 Setup Fee


For experienced companies with significant operations

*Hosting costs are excluded and depend on usage and the number of users. 

Our Process

How We Work

We take your dark kitchen to thenext level!

Discover solution

The munchlabs solution environment is vast. Find out which part of our solution works for you

Set up solution

We tailor designs, corporate identity, and - if required - certain features to your use case

Go live

We bring your app into the stores, and make sure that your system are running in your kitchen and deliveries

Help & FAQ

Popular Question From Clients

Frequently asked questions by our clients – hoping this helps!

munchlabs is for digital kitchens/dining rooms or kitchens/dining rooms that want to go digital. This includes restaurants, cafes, food trucks and other food service establishments.

Yes, our team provides extensive training and support to ensure you and your employees are comfortable using the system.