What is Cloud Kitchen Software and how it is revolutionizing the canteen industry

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Definition of Cloud Kitchen Software and why it has become increasingly important

Cloud kitchen software is a digital management system used by restaurants and canteens alike to administer operations within a food company in an efficient manner. Generally, it offers a plethora of food industry-related features such as reservation software, POS systems, kitchen management tools and inventory management applications. 

Why cloud kitchen software has become increasingly important within the industry is clear: it offers customers the general restaurant experience at the ease of their doorstep. No need to go to restaurants anymore, much rather cloud kitchen software offers an enhanced user experience to restaurant clients. 

This is How Cloud Kitchen Software allows canteens to outperform others 

The approach of cloud kitchen software is simple: reach new market potentials by maintaining costs at stagnating levels. For this purpose the implementation of a digitalized process is crucial. 

This newly implemented digital process streamlines operations to a maximum – especially if processes were manual or even worse on paper. Cloud kitchen software allows portraying the whole process – from beginning to end – within a single platform. Like this, you get to add ingredients, create dishes out of it, save them in a database, plan your dishes and menus in advance, schedule food shopping, streamline production and get a timelier delivery in place. Furthermore, a native app for android and ios offers users an enhanced ordering process. 

Benefits of Cloud Kitchen Software

  • no more pen and paper – reduced room for error
  • by keeping track of your past orders and dishes, you have the option to analyse and improve your menus and learn from mistakes
  • AI and ML-driven tools allow the suggestion of out-of-the-box solutions
  • automated ordering systems

How do I find the right Cloud Kitchen Software for me?

The market offers a multitude of cloud kitchen software solutions. But which solution is the right fit for me?

You need to define which of the available solutions in the market fits best to your current process and deliver the most value at the same time. Many solutions out there offer 60-70 features of which you generally only consume 5, but still, need to pay for the others that are not in use. 

Go ahead and source the available solutions and offerings. Next, try to map your current process and see where digitalizing a process could be of use. We suggest never simply replacing or digitalising all processes at once, much rather trying to gradually enhance them. Furthermore, it’s important that the process your digitalizing is solid and engraved, and doesn’t leave room for interpretation. 

Therefore look for a solution that offers you to start with a limited number of features, and gradually add more steps in the process once you feel ready for it. Happy digitizing!